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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

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A Tactical Explanation:

When I took the unusual step of naming a real estate company LOVE BRAND, I began with the premise that the word LOVE was one of the most powerful words in the human vocabulary.  Ask someone to make you a Top-10 list of influential words and LOVE will most likely appear on that list.  I also find the word LOVE to be irresistible to the eye. In the realm of business, it seems out of context and demands your attention.

Adding the word BRAND to our name is a centuries old marketing tool that enables the use of “fanciful” names that have no direct reference to the product.  You’ll notice that a lot of vintage logos include “Brand” as part of their defining words or graphic.  Vintage logos are one of my favorite art forms, so it was easy for me to make that connection.

A Practical Explanation:

Using the word LOVE in a business context always seemed  a little silly to me.  But today, it seems to be an appropriate contrast to the systemic greed of big business. Consumers have become hardened and hurt by the selfish acts of bad businesses that put profits ahead of people.  Consumers are looking for win-win business relationships, not win-lose.

When we use the word LOVE in business, we’re  harnessing the power of positive presumption.   We want people to assume by the very nature of our brand, that we have their best interests at heart.  And of course, we must remain true and embody the unique meaning of our Brand.  In the end, it’s about trust.  In order to build successful relationships with people…they have to trust us.

A Meaningful Application:

At the foundation of a trusting relationship is The Golden Rule.  If we treat people with the respect and consideration that we personally desire, then we begin the cycle of a meaningful and positive relationship.

To LOVE your customer, as yourself is The Greatest Commandment!  To apply asinine rules, one-sided contracts, and deceitful sales practices against your customers is not a gesture of LOVE…it’s a demonstration of selfishness and dishonesty.  Who needs that?

A Reality Check:

An authentic Brand is not what you say you are – it’s what you do.  When you share your knowledge, networks and opportunities, you become a valuable asset to everyone around you.  When you approach relationships from a position of generosity, selflessness and transparency, you’re giving a unique gift to those you serve…you’re demonstrating LOVE.

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