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Getting Maximum Exposure for Your Home

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Dedicated Websites Sell Homes Faster:

The habits of home buyers have evolved significantly over the past few years. Clearly, the biggest change is the buyer’s reliance on the internet during the house-hunting process.

According to the National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers, photos and detailed property information were listed as the most useful features by buyers who use the internet (which includes almost everyone). Well then…that’s what you should give them! The easier you make it for them to get to this information…the happier the potential buyer will be.

The best internet marketing tool for your home is a dedicated website – a website that is dedicated to your home and your home only. Don’t send them to a real estate agent website. Don’t send them to a or other classified ad posting. Send them to your home-site.

A key marketing strategy at LOVE BRAND is to try and pull potential buyers’ to a dedicated website at the earliest stage possible. We’ve learned that buyers will sometimes spend more time on a property website than they will for an in-person tour. It’s convenient (24/7), they can do it without leaving their home or office, they can be dressed any way they would like, they won’t have to drag the kids around and they won’t have a Realtor or home-seller breathing down their neck.

The first step we take is to register a unique domain name for the website. We try and keep it simple, yet descriptive. If your address is 2550 Imperial, we will register www.2550 This makes it easier for the buyer to recall and identify the home. We’ve learned time and time-again that this is a much better marketing tool for your home then sending them to a site like,, etc.

The dedicated home-site at becomes an integral part of all future marketing. The domain will appear on signs, flyers, postcards, emails, and other websites like or classified sites like and craigslist.

The Benefits:

  • The home-site is 100% dedicated to selling your home. There are no competing listings to distract the buyer.
  • Potential buyers will experience greater convenience when searching for your home. They will not have to click around a poorly designed agent website and a bunch of real estate mumbo-jumbo.
  • Your property will be available to a worldwide audience 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.
  • Your home will be a stand-out on, the most popular real estate portal on the web. limits the number of photos that can be viewed, based on the subscription level of your agent ($$$). Your property is guaranteed to have the maximum number of photos allowed, PLUS a direct link to a rich, multi-media home-site with even more photos!
  • Unlike the MLS, your home-site will allow for an unlimited amount of text to describe the property in vivid detail. We can describe each room, each unique feature and architectural detail without being forced to use confusing abbreviations. It’s like comparing a 30-minute infomercial to a 30-second spot.
  • Your home-site will allow for hundreds of large photos (640×480) and descriptive captions that will show the property with unmatched style and impact. We can even embed video and audio links when appropriate, providing a rich multi-media experience for the buyer.
  • Your home-site will be easily found. Using the exclusive PowreHouse Marketing system, we will syndicate your home-site to all of the major real estate internet portals like Google Base, Trulia, Zillow, Oodle, Edgeio, and Propsmart. We will also submit the specific property address and domain to Google and Yahoo! search engines.

LOVE BRAND is getting maximum listing exposure for their clients! We are one of a select few who understand and fully embrace the future of real estate marketing and technology. What’s your REALTOR® doing?

For more great ideas on how to market your home call Michael Druce at 801-550-7255

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