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When was the last time you were kicking-back on a Sunday morning, reading the newspaper, and just happened upon the perfect house in the classified ads? Honesty…when was the last time this happened to you? The answer is never.

When the buyers arrive at your home, what will they experience? Is your home better or worse than promised? Is it a bargain, or is it overpriced? Is your home incredible, or is it just average? Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and answer these questions (honestly).

Let’s face it, conflicts and surprises are part of the human experience. But some people have a penchant for overreacting to seemingly minor (or non-existent) incidents. They tend to become needlessly dramatic whenever the order of their expectations becomes disrupted. They focus on problems rather than finding solutions.

There is a growing niche of real estate brokers who are trying desperately to separate themselves from the pack. They are setting standards high above the requirements of REALTORS.

LOVE AGENTS are meeting the new expectations of home buyers and sellers. We provide services that save time, reduce stress, increase convenience and add value.

The challenge for most home sellers is to make an honest determination as to how their house is positioned in the product mix.