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Let’s face it, conflicts and surprises are part of the human experience. But some people have a penchant for overreacting to seemingly minor (or non-existent) incidents. They tend to become needlessly dramatic whenever the order of their expectations becomes disrupted. They focus on problems rather than finding solutions.

LOVE AGENTS are meeting the new expectations of home buyers and sellers. We provide services that save time, reduce stress, increase convenience and add value.

It’s now estimated that more than 85% of home buyers in Salt Lake City begin their search for the perfect house on the Internet. But if you’re using or , you’re probably missing out on the best houses.

There is an inherent anxiety between buyers and sellers. Even though both sides need each other to further their goals, the potential for mistrust is enormous

Here are the details of the Home Buyer Tax Credit incentives for 2010. Hurry, offer ends April 30th.

It begins with The “Hunt” for the perfect house; involves the thrill of making “The Deal”; and it ends with “The Joy” that comes from helping people realize their dream. It’s an exhausting process, but it’s always worth it in the end.

The bottom line is I’m totally committed to our relationship and helping you every step of the way. Your best interests are my first and top priority.