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Save the Drama for Yo’ Mama

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It’s fascinating to hear people talk about their experiences in buying and selling a home. The process is fraught with emotion, with unique surprises at every turn. Insert a Drama-Queen-Agent (King as it may be) into the equation, and you have nightmare on your hands.

Some real estate agents just don’t get it. It’s as if they’re trying and justify their worth to their clients by making the process more difficult than it really is. They create drama where there is none. They have the skill of creating problems rather than solving problems. Go figure.

We successfully closed another buyer-side transaction in Salt Lake City the other day that serves as a practical example. The Seller’s agent missed every contractual deadline, using one excuse after another; communicated with a consistent 24-hour delay; became overly defensive on issues that did not exist; created more problems than she solved; and generally seemed intent on turning the transaction into a Battle Royale. Look lady…we just want to buy the *******house! Hello…do you want to make this deal work or not?

Let’s face it, conflicts and surprises are part of the human experience. But some people have a penchant for overreacting to seemingly minor (or non-existent) incidents. They tend to become needlessly dramatic whenever the order of their expectations becomes disrupted. They focus on problems rather than finding solutions.

One of the primary roles of a Realtor is that of facilitator. You set out to achieve the desired results for your clients, knowing very well that problems lie ahead. You keep your head-up, on full-alert for potential problems. When the problems arise, you look for creative and cooperative ways to solve them. You help people understand the issues at hand and guide them towards a successful solution. The process is simple. But it requires professionalism, creativity, cooperation, negotiation and compromise.

Great Realtors set out to make your real estate transactions more successful and less stressful. They do all they can to make your life easier.

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