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Syndicate Your Listing Everywhere

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Is your real estate agent hiding your home from potential buyers?  Crazy as it sounds…most do just that.

No other company syndicates your home to more popular websites than LOVE BRAND. Yes, that includes the big boys like REMAX, Coldwell Banker, Prudential, and Century 21.

From a marketing perspective, I think that limiting your real estate listings to the MLS or to your brokerage website is just down-right lazy!  So why do the majority of real estate agents in Salt Lake City do just those things?  Because they want the “buyer leads” all-to-themselves.  This sounds like a conflict of interest, don’t you think?  I thought the purpose of you listing your house with and agent was to get it sold…not generate buyer leads for the agent!

Recent studies by the National Association of Realtors indicate that 85% of home buyers begin their search on the internet. So it’s easy to understand that the best marketing tool for selling your home is the Internet.

At LOVE BRAND, we do everything possible to get your listing advertised across as many home search sites as possible.  We have a system for syndicating our Salt Lake City and Park City listings to 26 of the most popular consumer websites and to more than 353 individual agent websites throughout Utah.

How do you sell your home for the most amount of money, in the least amount of time? You expose your home to as many potential buyers as possible! With the highest number of syndication partners available and more being added each month, LOVE BRAND provides you with a clear advantage when selling your home.

Want us to expose your house to the world? Call us todayl at 801-550-7255 or send an email to

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