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Good Agents are Hard to Find

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Buying or selling a home will be the single largest transaction that most people will make in their lifetime.  It’s enough to turn an ordinarily calm person into an emotional wreck. The stress associated with moving has been ranked 3rd, behind getting a divorce and losing a family member.  Now imagine getting tied up with a bad real estate agent that adds to your stress at every turn.

Good real estate agents are hard to find.  Think of it like this:  of all the businesses that you patronized this month, how many of them went out of their way to make your life easier?  How many surprised you by going the extra mile to make sure your needs were met?  I’ll bet you could count them on one hand. Real estate is no different.  There are thousands of licensed agents in Salt Lake City.  So how can you protect yourself from entering into a binding contract, and later find out that the services was less than you expected?

Ideally, you want someone who you can trust; someone who makes your interest their own.  Someone who knows the ropes well enough to keep problems from happening in the first place.  And when problems do happen, they handle them with your best interest in mind.  You’re looking for a partner whose professional skills satisfy your expectations.  At the very least, you want someone that will simply stand by their word.

There is a growing niche of real estate brokers who are trying desperately to separate themselves from the pack.  They are setting standards high above the basic requirements of REALTORS®.  They operate with transparency and clear service expectations.  They are caring for their clients like they were guests in a hotel.  They are using technology to improve communication and streamline processes.  They are constantly looking for ways to make real estate transactions less stressful and more successful.

When you’re taking the initial steps toward buying or selling a home, I want you to contact us.  We’ll help you reduce the stress by giving you some great advice and we’ll introduce you to some very good people who are great at what they do.  Of course we will do this for no charge and with no obligation – whatsoever.  By the time you finish speaking with us, you will know without a doubt what your next move should be.

When the time is right, call 801-550-7255 or email me at  I promise, you’ll be glad you did.

Michael Druce
Principal Broker

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