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When was the last time you were kicking-back on a Sunday morning, reading the newspaper, and just happened upon the perfect house in the classified ads? Honesty…when was the last time this happened to you? The answer is never.

Making simple improvements like adding new house numbers, door hardware, kick-plates and fresh paint can have a dramatic effect on the homes curb-appeal. That’s why LOVE BRAND wouldn’t be caught dead putting a cheap and flimsy tin-sign with bad graphics in your front yard.

Here are nine different REALTOR signs from the same neighborhood in Salt Lake City. You be the judge…which sign do you find to be the most noticeable?

Is your real estate agent hiding your home from potential buyers? Crazy as it sounds…most do just that.

No other company syndicates your home to more popular websites than Druce Real Estate.

Dedicated Websites Sell Homes Faster:

The habits of homebuyers have evolved significantly over the past few years. Clearly, the biggest change is the buyer’s reliance on the internet during the house-hunting process.