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Are you using MLS Push Technology?

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The best houses sell fast – even in slow times.

It’s now estimated that more than 85% of home buyers in Salt Lake City begin their search for the perfect house on the Internet. But if you’re using or , you’re probably missing out on the best houses.  

The fact is, good houses sell fast…even in tough markets. Our recent reports indicate that approximately 1 out of 100 houses will go under contract within the first day of being listed on the MLS. Furthermore, we estimate that 6-10% will go under contract in 30-days or less. Why, in today’s market, would someone buy a house the first day that it’s listed? Because it’s a great house, at a great price – the same type of deal you’re looking for!  

If you want the best house or the best value, you have to be in a position to act fast. In order to act fast, you need fast information. So how are you getting your information? If you’re getting it from or, you’re getting your information at the pace that they are able to load the data. This can take days.  

You need to get your real estate information directly from the MLS, sooner rather than later. You need to have a relationship with a Realtor that’s on the ball and understands the push-power of the MLS. LOVE BRAND belongs to both the Salt Lake City and Park City Board of Realtors. This, plus lots of money, gets us direct access to every property listed on the MLS (Park City and Salt Lake City have separate systems). With the Park City MLS, we can automatically generate an email to my client within minutes after a house has been listed. With the Salt Lake City MLS, we have to set-up multiple reporting periods to capture listings at various times of the day. Either way, our clients have access to data that 99% of the other home buyers don’t have.  

Want to receive push reports for Salt Lake City or Park City real estate with absolutely no obligation? Drop us a quick email and w’ell send you the details on how to get started.

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