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LOVE Revolution

Let’s be up front about it. The real estate agent suffers a very poor reputation.

A Real Estate Revolution

The business of real estate is littered with unprofessional, under-qualified sales agents who found their way into a profession with low standards and high pay. They work for brokers who cling to age-old business practices that are designed more for self preservation than for providing a great customer experience. They are selfish and self-centered businesses that see people as a “lead” they can profit from, rather than a person they can love and serve.

Thomas Jefferson said, “Every generation needs a new revolution”. Whether it’s in defense of an oppressive system or an emergence of a new way of thinking, it’s the passion of revolutionaries that have literally changed the world.

We are a part of small group of brokerages from around the country who are committed to a radical redirection in real estate. As a group, we are beginning to distance ourselves from the outdated, ineffective business models of yesterday. We are focused on the needs of our clients. We are delivering service beyond the traditions of real estate. Successful outcomes are measured in the number of satisfied customers, not settlement statements. We are committed to learning and growing…always looking for ways to improve our customer experience.

We need your help in making this change possible. Don’t settle for less. Demand good service, transparency, and professionalism. Anything less is unacceptable. Help us spread the word.

Thanks for being a part of The LOVE Revolution.